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web trust seal assurance

effective website verificationWhen you see the logo you know your dealing with an independently verified site that meets our stringent membership criteria. Our members have undertaken to supply their goods or services in accordance with Our Charter giving you peace of mind to browse their website and order with confidence.Shoppers also can benefit from our free dispute resolution service.



A website is a must for every business today. Selling through ecommerce is growing at a phenomenal rate. Your company has to compete in every marketplace. assists small and medium sized businesses to market their product or service. Not only can you benefit from the trust seals,,we are a valued resources for Web design, Search engine optimisation, Link building, Adwords management, Affiliate programs. Internet marketing.

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Dispute resolution

Problems with a Purchase?

Our members have committed to provide high standards of service and product quality. In the event of a dispute will mediate between the supplier and customer to find a satisfactory solution to any problem.

In the first instance, Customers should contact the supplier direct to offer them the opportunity to resolve the issue. The customer should request an e-mail confirming the action the supplier is willing to take to resolve the situation.

If the offer from the supplier is not acceptable the Customer can ask to mediate in the matter. This is a free service to both the Customer and Merchant.

We ask that the Customer forwards the details of the issue and the relevant correspondence to us. We will raise this issue with the supplier and ask for their response. We may make recommendations in accordance with the law and suggest a suitable and fair solution to the issue. We can remove membership from any supplier if we see fit.

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The Law

Shopping online is fun. It saves running around. Its so convenient and great deals are everywhere. SafeShops org help make the process safe and enjoyable and you also have robust legal rights when you shop online.

The Sale of Goods Act.

Online Merchants must-

  • Provide clear and accurate information about the goods or services offered.

  • Give written confirmation of the purchase

  • Offer a refund during the cooling off period and a refund if an order doesn't arrive at an agreed time.

The Distance Selling Regulations.

Goods offered for sale must be-

  • Fit for purpose.

  • Be of satisfactory quality.

  • Be accurately described

  • And last for a reasonable amount of time.

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