build customer trust

Limited Time Offer. 9.99/$14.99 per Seal or 19.99/$29.99 for Full Set of Verified Seals. (Normally 19.99/$29.99 per Seal or 39.99/$59.99 for the Website Verified Seal Complete Set.) And More ! Lock in this price for life. Take advantage of this One Time Offer and your Verified Seal priced is fixed for life.

web trust seal assurance

effective website verificationWhen you see the logo you know your dealing with an independently verified site that meets our stringent membership criteria. Our members have undertaken to supply their goods or services in accordance with Our Charter giving you peace of mind to browse their website and order with confidence.Shoppers also can benefit from our free dispute resolution service.



A website is a must for every business today. Selling through ecommerce is growing at a phenomenal rate. Your company has to compete in every marketplace. assists small and medium sized businesses to market their product or service. Not only can you benefit from the trust seals,,we are a valued resources for Web design, Search engine optimisation, Link building, Adwords management, Affiliate programs. Internet marketing.

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Welcome to"online website trust seals"

More shoppers than ever are buying online. Every year the trend is a away from the traditional High Street to the the convenience of the internet. Lack of trust is a major objection shoppers have when buying online. Buyers want to know that their purchase is secure and that their information is kept private. Our Trust seals are the answer. Your visitors have the reassurance that you trade openly,honestly and fairly when you display our seals. Every survey done shows that sales are increased when quality seals are displayed on a website.

And seals are affordable. We have a selection available depending on your need and there is no specialist skills needed to install them.

web trust seal assurance


9.99 per seal per year with nothing to pay for the first 3 months and full set of seals for only 19.99 per year with 3 months free.

build customer trust

Convey Trust to Your Customers

By displaying the trust seals you will increase consumer confidence and online conversion rates. Customers need to trust retailers before they buy. Your customers can see the important information about your website quickly and independently. This information boosts confidence in you and your business . IBM reported that 70% of customers will only shop with websites that display a security protection seal. Studies show that the average ecommerce site converts 2%-3% of visitors. Thats a stunning 97% of visitors not buying. The SafeShops trust seal is the most cost effective way to change this. Trust is a major issue for buyers and your site can benefit from the instant credibility gained by being a member.

Give your business the "Thumbs Up" today. Membership is only £29.99 or £39.99/year and for a limited time we are giving new members 1 year Free membership as per the offer. 1 year to benefit from membership and if you are still not convinced you can cancel at any time during the free trial. You will also qualify for Our free website appraisal where we recommend marketing strategy and onpage improvements without obligation or cost to you.

This is the time to start getting the best out of your online shop and we know 3rd party verification will turn more of your visitors into buyers. Give your customers what they want . Join today.

Why join

  • Increase revenue from your website by increasing customer confidence.
  • Customers know who you are, and are more likely to trust you.
  • Multiple seal packages available and discounted.
  • Build Customer trust at a glance.
  • Improve Credibility.
  • Show your customers you mean Business.
  • Show your customers they can trust your site.
  • Turn more of your traffic into SALES.
  • Increase Profits.
  • Increase Conversion Rates.
  • Improve your web pages to generate more sales.
  • Show you are addressing your customers need for security and privacy.
  • Site verification is FREE.
  • Incredible value from just 29.99/$44.99per year. See FREE MEMBERSHIP OFFER this month. Top Tips for Shoppers

  1. Check who you are actually dealing with,,,its sometimes unclear who is supplying the goods for sale.
  2. Study the item(s) you want to buy to ensure you know what you are buying.
  3. Look for things like taxes,delivery times and costs in the Terms and Conditions
  4. Only enter your credit card details on a secure page.
  5. Check your card statement when it arrives .
  6. Keep transaction details and note the customer service telephone number.
  7. Contact the sellers quickly if a problem arises with the purchase.

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