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web trust seal assurance

effective website verificationWhen you see the logo you know your dealing with an independently verified site that meets our stringent membership criteria. Our members have undertaken to supply their goods or services in accordance with Our Charter giving you peace of mind to browse their website and order with confidence.Shoppers also can benefit from our free dispute resolution service.



A website is a must for every business today. Selling through ecommerce is growing at a phenomenal rate. Your company has to compete in every marketplace. assists small and medium sized businesses to market their product or service. Not only can you benefit from the trust seals,,we are a valued resources for Web design, Search engine optimisation, Link building, Adwords management, Affiliate programs. Internet marketing.

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FAQs for-

"Online Web Trust Seals"



How long does it take to get the validation seal?

You can have your Seal(s) within one working day. Once you have ordered your Seal(s) you have agreed to abide by our customer service Charter. We will email you a form requesting the information that will help us certify your site. We also visit your site to ensure it meets the criteria of membership. We will advise and liaise with you about any alterations that need to be made. You will receive a full refund if you cannot make any required changes. Once your site has been verified, we will e-mail the link where you can access your logo to install on our web pages,e-mails,stationary etc.



Are validation seals really necessary?

In a word Yes. It is estimated that only 1% to 3% of a website's visitors actually buy. One of the main factors involved when consumers are deciding on whether to purchase online is trust. Can they trust the supplier? You want to achieve the highest conversion rate possible for your site and by displaying seals you are building trust and confidence. You are showing buyers that you are a reliable and professional seller.



Is it possible to fail to achieve the validation seal?

If your site does not meet the criteria set out for the seal you have applied for, one of our staff will contact you with advice to remedy the situation. There is no additional cost for this service. Once the amendment has been made, we will then issue your seal(s). If it is not possible for you to make any alterations required then we will refund your fee in full.



How hard is it to get my website(s) validated?

Not difficult at all because most good websites already meet the standards required to join and if yours does not then we will work with you to ensure your site is verified.



What benefits are there in joining SafeShops?

There are many advantages to joining Customers seek to trust the retailer before purchasing from them. By joining you are assuring customers that you are verified seller and have been certified by a 3rd party. Membership shows that you are a serious and professional business and that you want to meet your customers needs. You are proactive and open about your business and you have committed to high standards of service and quality. Customers see your seal(s) and this increases trust in your business. Customers have confidence in your website and are more comfortable. All these added benefits will result in turning your visitors into buyers and an increase in your conversion rates.



How do I set up the seal on my website?

Once we verify your website, we will send you an email with a short line of codes for you to display the Trust Seal on your website. The seal will show your company information to your visitors when they click on it.



Can I change or cancel my Trust Seal if it doesn’t work for me?

Yes. At present we have an incredible offer. We know that our Seals will benefit your business and we are offering a limited number of businesses free memberships. Order your Trust Seals and enjoy three months FREE membership and the use of your new web trust seals without obligation. You can cancel at any time during the three months free trial and you can also change your order at any time.


Does offer any other services?

Yes we do. We want to help your business to succeed. We can help you design or redesign your site to perform at its very best. We can help generate traffic for your site. We can promote your site in different search engines by search engine optimisation or by pay per click campaigns and other marketing methods. Many website owners entrust us to promote their site and you can take advantage of our knowledge base and experience.


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