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When you see the logo you know your dealing with an independently verified site that meets our stringent membership criteria. Our members have undertaken to supply their goods or services in accordance with Our Charter giving you peace of mind to browse their website and order with confidence.Shoppers also can benefit from our free dispute resolution service.


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Our Charter

All members agree to adhere to The Charter.

Members agree to provide the following information on their website and the required levels of service. Information must be presented clearly and be available to the consumer prior to purchase of any of your products or services.

  • Your full contact details, including your phone and fax numbers, geographic and email addresses, and a contact name or department for complaints or queries.
  • All customer service staff must be aware of your obligations within the Charter.
  • The price of your goods and/or services must be easily found and clearly shown with the currency clearly indicated. If extra charges, such as delivery, cannot always be included in the price of the product (e.g. due to alternative delivery options) the full price must be clearly displayed prior to purchase.
  • The right to cancel the contract. Customers should be allowed to cancel their order within 6 hours without incurring a penalty.
  • The terms and conditions of your contract should be displayed clearly and plainly. They must be easily found on your website. If a user is required to explicitly agree to these terms, it should be opt in, rather than opt out.
  • Orders should be acknowledged by email within 24 hours.
  • You provide the consumer with a receipt.
  • Any contractual information should also be provided within 24 hours, via electronic means, or as soon as reasonably possible for paper copies.
  • You must endevour to resolve any dispute with a customer quickly and fairly.
  • You must ensure thats all goods or services offered in your website are fit for purpose and accurately described.
  • Delivery of goods
    • You will deliver the goods within 30 days, unless the consumer has agreed otherwise.
    • If you cannot deliver the goods within 30 days you must inform the consumer immediately and agree on another time for delivery.
    • If you cannot agree on another time, you must offer the consumer a refund. You may also offer the consumer an alternative to the original goods ordered but if the consumer wants a refund you must give this in full within 30 days
    • If delivery of an item is delayed for more than 14 days, the customer must be given the option to cancel the order, without any penalties being paid.
    • You agree to charge  Fair Shipping costs where applicable. This can include postage and packaging materials and the time spent expediting the delivery.

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